New Occasion • Out Now

about Nicholas Cangiano

Montreal-based multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter, and producer Nicholas Cangiano has proven himself a name to watch quickly attaining a dedicated fanbase in the independent music scene. Despite the many voices touting how to follow a formula to success, Cangiano sticks to his intuition and offers something honest and infectious; blending influences of classic genres such as soul and rock with modern styles of pop and r&b, creating a sound of his own that feels timeless with every listen.

Having been releasing music since he was 16 years old and coming off a hugely successful EP release of 'New Occasion' in 2023 having been featured on major Spotify editorial playlists including 'Fresh Finds Best Of 2023', 'MTL Chill', and more along with regular radio play on CBC and others around North America, his new Factor funded album is due out in September of 2024 setting the stage for a huge year for this emerging artist.

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