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about Nicholas Cangiano

Nicholas Cangiano is a Montreal-based multi instrumentalist who’s bringing soul back into pop music. 

Cangianos eclectic sound pulls you into his world as a self made musician. It's a world where anything goes here, the peculiar is encouraged, and you’re enticed to let down your guard and come as you are.  

After the success of New Occasion EP (released October 2022), Nicholas' confidence in his songwriting has reached new heights. It took 6 months for his first structured release to reach 100,000 streams, and with 3 scheduled EP's to release in 2023, he's excited for everyone to get a taste of his groovy soulful melodies. 

Cangiano uses his savvy for several instruments; most notably guitar, bass, and keys to blend influences of classic funk and soul with modern pop and rock together into fresh, infectious productions that will have you coming back for more.

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